Freshers' Week 2019 is coming

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Here at NSU, we’ve had a busy summer ahead planning what is going to be the best Freshers' Week yet! So far we have some amazing activities and events lined up, that are bound to make your new start at Northumbria University one to remember. 

To check out all we have planned, head to our OFFICIAL FRESHERS' WEEK WEBSITE!

We will be regularly updating you with news on Freshers' Week - but to stay fully in the know, we suggest you SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST - this way you can get info direct to your inbox as and when we announce it. You won't miss a thing! 

Be sure to give us a follow on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK & TWITTER for those all important updates.

AND we have released our OFFICIAL NSU FRESHERS'19 PLAYLIST - turn up the volume and get yourself in the mood for Freshers. 

See you in September!


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