Freshers’ Week 2019: Rave of Thrones

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Freshers’ Week is Coming…

NSU is proud to present Rave of Thrones, Saturday 21st September 2019!

Been feeling like there’s been something missing from your life since 20th May?

Then Freshers’ Week at NSU is exactly where you need to be. Who needs re-runs and fan fiction when we’re kicking off the first (and best) week of University in serious Westerosi style?!

Brace yourselves as we present to you, the one and only Kristian Nairn and his Rave of Thrones.

Along with Kristian’s exclusive DJ set, you can expect:

  • The Iron Throne – think of the profile pic opportunities  
  • Your Favourite Characters – yep, we’re bringing them back from the dead or from exile, we’ve got it covered
  • Amazing drinks deals – we can’t promise the wine is Dornish but we do have some quite excellent goats milk fermenting, after all this is the North
  • Fire Breathing Dragons (maybe)
  • So much more!

Domain, NSU, (Ho)Doors 10.30pm

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