Christian Union was named last month’s Society of the Month

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They had many events over the past month in a bid to getting to know new people. Their main emphasis was to engage with international students when they arrived on campus with a board game evening. The society explained that this event allowed students to ask questions about our culture while enjoying the board games.

The society committee explained: “As well as specific events, we were giving away free teas and coffees (& biscuits) to the students on campus to try and get to know these students better and build relationships. We also held an acoustic night at Nancy’s Bordello which was a great night. It was great to see so many unfamiliar faces enjoying the great music and getting to know each other better.”

Each Sunday from 10th September (for six weeks) there is a church search where the committee meet at the Five Swans for breakfast and help Freshers’ to find a church. They explained that for some people an important part of settling into a new city is finding a church. The Committee members also go along to a church with Freshers’ to help support them.

The society will be using the money to subsidise the cost of an upcoming society trip at the end of October.

They also will use to the money to provide free teas and coffees and hope that the money will cover lunch and other food and drinks costs for trips in November.


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