Black History Month



Right through October we’ll be celebrating Black History Month, an annual celebration of the achievements of Black people and a time for recognising their central role in history. See our FACEBOOK EVENT for the month to find out more about our plans and to get updates as the month goes on! 


Black History Month is a fantastic time to celebrate Black people as well as reflect on Black history.

At the SU we have loads planned for the month. We have two main events:

  • What Does Black History Month Mean To Me?
  • Black Women Through History

Again, information will be available via our Facebook event.


Here's what else we'll be doing...

We’ll be aiming for a presence around campus this month. From stalls in the SU to inspiring literature around campus, we’re looking to showcase Black culture. Get in touch if you have ideas for what we should share, whether it’s literature, songs, accounts of people’s lives or other ways to commend and share the contribution of amazing Black figures. Email with any of your ideas.

We’ll be asking ‘Why Is My Union So White?’ - there will be a support book available, where you can share your messages of support for Black History Month.

We’ll also be raising money for two outstanding charities working with Black people – JET and Southall Black Sisters.


More information on dates and venues will be out later this week – follow our event to find out more!



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