50% off Society Memberships

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New year, new you? If you're looking to join a society this academic year,  it's not too late. We've got over 100 societies at Northumbria Students' Union, including Snow Sports, Dance, Vegan and Vegetarian and everything in between. Check out all of our amazing Societies HERE

By getting involved with NSU Societies you’ll be able to make loads of new friends, go abroad, learn new skills or perhaps do things you’ve never done before, all while having the time of your life at Northumbria. It’s all about making memories after all. So do it, join a society now! And if that doesn't encourage you, from January 2nd 2019, all new members will get 50% off their joining fee. There's no better time to get involved than now. You can buy a society membership here or from the Welcome Desk at all Campuses. 


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