Internal Room Bookings

If you need to reserve a room for a meeting or event, fill in the form below (make sure you provide as much information as possible and Hannah will help you as best as she can). 


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Please specify the room you prefer in the box below e.g. Training Room 1 , Training Room 2, Training Room 1&2, Training Room 3, Escape (after 5pm weekdays), Domain, Stage 2, Stall, Quad, Reds, Habita, Other (University Room)

Date and Time Required (If you need to book space for more than one day, please specify the dates and times of when you will need the room)

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*Facilities Requirement Notice Period: 7 days before event*


Name of Event

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Equipment Required (sound, projection, video, microphone, lighting)

*Technical Requirements Notice Period: 14 days before event*


Do you require catering? Do any of your attendees have special dietary requirements? Please specify (Type, Estimated number if different to attendee numbers)

Do you require any beverages, or the bar open? Please Specify

Please note there is a £20 charge per hour to have the bar open, if the bar takings exceed £100 per hour then this charge will not be applied. 

*Catering & Bars Requirements Notice Period: 7 days before event*



Please note - Staff can still use any space in the Union for ad hoc meetings. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Clean up after yourselves, including wiping down spillages etc.
  • Do not change the room layout. If the room has been booked for later that day with a certain room set up, then it is possible facilities have set the room up already for the booking. If you do move anything, please return the room set up to how you found it.