Student Welfare is at the heart of everything we do, NSU exists to make sure you’re well looked after whilst you study, whether that’s helping you look after your finances, finding a quality place to live or just keeping you safe in the city.

Of the seven values on which our organisation is built, four stem from our belief in equality for all students. As a democratic, inclusive and ethical Union that values partnership, we strive to ensure that all students benefit from the services and activities we deliver, regardless of age, sex, race, ability and sexual orientation. Every activity, service and event we provide is open to each and every Northumbria Student.

A unique selling point of the Union is that we provide a safe environment in which you can work, play, relax and party. You can rest assured that at any given time there’s several fully trained first aiders on site, well maintained buildings, responsible alcohol trading and friendly, approachable staff. This support extends into life outside of NSU’s physical boundaries too, supporting you in every aspect of student life.

Emergency taxi service

Ever found yourself out of money and without a way to get home on a night out? Have you put yourself in danger by walking home alone? NSU has an established Emergency Taxi Service in partnership with BUDGET taxis. With this service you can pay for a taxi with a fare of up to £8 by giving the driver your student card. You then collect your card later, and reimburse us with the fare. Therefore, NSU can now ensure all students can always get home safely.

How to get your taxi:

  • Call Budget Taxis on 0191 298 5050
  • State you would like a taxi on account under ‘NSU’ or ‘Northumbria Students’ Union’
  • Give your student card to the driver in lieu of payment
  • Keep your receipt
  • Come and collect your card from the Students’ Union Welcome Desk and pay your bill

Money, Money, Money

It’s no secret that student life is expensive – by the time you’ve paid for your education and living expenses there’s not a lot left to go in the fun fund. As a charity every penny spent in the Union, through the bar or at events, is reinvested to fund student activities, ranging from societies grants to the best themes for our epic club nights. If things get really tight and you’re really worried about money – we can help with that too. Northumbria’s Financial support service offers a wide range of help, from grants to help with living costs to loans for tuition fees – you can learn more about it here.

If your bank account just needs a top up, why not work for us? NSU recruits students in multiple roles across the organisation, from bar staff to promotions and publicity assistants and as your Union we’re flexible when it comes to working around your studies. See our Get Employed Page for more details.

Staying Healthy

The new found freedom of living in a new city and totally taking care of yourself can take its toll especially on Freshers – ever heard of the ‘Freshers’ Flu’?Getting involved with all aspects of student life can leave you worn out and run down and sometimes it’s more than your physical health that is affected. We’ve set up a few services to keep you feeling great while you’re at Northumbria.

Eating healthy

There may be many barriers to being healthy whilst you study. It could be a lack of routine, a strict budget, excessive drinking, a heavy workload, or cooking for yourself for the first time (we’ve heard of a few interesting concoctions brewed up by you inventive new chefs...). You might also experience the phenomenon of the Fresher’s 14 - students reckon they put on 14 pounds in weight when they start Uni.

Planning balanced meals, avoiding eating out too much and reducing your alcohol intake can all help you to stay healthy. There's no such thing as a single super food which contains every nutrient you'll need, so only by eating a varied diet will you get all you need to stay healthy. Here at NSU we run a Food Co-op project where you can buy healthy food at cost, fin d out more here. (link to food coop info/get involved)

Massage service

If your studies have caused you to tense up, or you’ve spent too long crouched over a computer to get that essay done, we’d recommend a relaxing rub down from our resident masseuse, Wan. NSU runs a FREE massage service for students every Monday and Thursday between 12pm-3pm at Coach Lane and every Tuesday 12pm - 3pm City Campus. It’s a great way to loosen up and wind down when you’ve been working hard.

Sexual Health advice

Sometimes love hurts, but if the hurt is literal (physically) you need to get that checked out. Prevention of course is better than a cure, so we offer free advice and contraception at NSU. It’s completely confidential and professional, delivered by our partners at Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screening. The friendly team offer sexual health and contraception advice, chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing and they provide ‘c-cards’ – handy little cards that you can use to pick up FREE condoms at the NSU Welcome Desk throughout the week – don’t be shy about it, we promise nobody will crack any jokes – we’re just here to help you be as responsible as possible.

Love the idea of good sexual health for all students? Why not join our Sexual Wellbeing Advice and Guidance (SWAG) team and campaign around campus for better sexual health amongst students. You’ll receive full training (great for the CV) but best of all you’ll play a key role in improving student life and wellbeing at Northumbria. To find out more email

Your GP and Dentist

We know the last thing on your mind is sickness but registering with a Doctor is just as important as enrolling on your course, you shouldn’t wait until you’re ill to register with a medical practice. You can register with a GP and dentist more or less on arrival at Northumbria as you’ll find local practices at our Freshers’ Fairs but if ou missed them because the free pizza was more appealing, just talk to a member of the Welcome Desk team and they’ll point you in the direction of a local practice.


Moving away from home to start university can be a daunting experience and thankfully most students are eased into this new style of living by spending a year in halls – providing you with a buffer between life at home and this new lease of independence in a thriving and exciting city. Then second year comes along and in most cases it’s time to find a new place to live.

For some people this process is a piece of cake, they know who they want to live with and where, and they sign contracts for a new house safe in the knowledge their landlord is a good guy and there’ll definitely be no arguments about whose turn it is to do the washing up or who’s making too much noise after a night out in town – however for the majority of students the process of finding a place to live while at university can be a bit of a minefield. Which areas are student friendly? Does this landlord have the right credentials? Will I get on with my course mates when we’re living together?

There’s a lot to consider and NSU is here to help student renters, whether you’ve done it all before or not! We want to make finding a student house or flat a great experience to help you make sure your time at university is the best it can be – that means being happy in and out of the classroom. We’re so passionate about comfortable, quality and safe housing for Northumbria students that we set up our very own letting agency, NU:LETS.

You can read all about NU:LETS here.