Starting at university can be an exciting time, but the transition to university life can also be a stressful one for many students. It can generate worries about everything from fitting-in and making new friends to pressure from academic demands.

Here at NSU we run a campaign called Getting Settled, which is there to help you settle into university life, make friends, and to Get Involved in some of the activities and interests that are available at university.

If you’re feeling homesick or would like to talk to someone in confidence, you can contact the University’s Counselling and Mental Health Support Team. They offer free and confidential support for a wide range of issues. To arrange an appointment, you can register with them online at And if you have any questions, they can be contacted on 0191 227 4576 or emailed at

Counselling and Mental Health Support also run workshops on issues such as social confidence, stress and relaxation. You can find out more about these workshops at  

Struggling to meet new people? With over 100 societies and loads of volunteering projects, NSU is a great place to meet new people. Click here to see our list of societies – we’re certain there will be something that you’re into and if there isn’t you can set up your own!

NSU/Community hosts an inclusive list of projects with everything from Animal Shelter, Food Banks and lots of environmental opportunities – you can check all these out here.

Fancy a little trip out of Newcastle on the cheap? Fast Friends offers daytrips across the UK for the student budget! The programme for the year is available here or come speak to us at the Welcome Desk.

If you have any questions you can drop us an email on