Hello Wonderful Societies and Projects of NSU!

We want to give you an opportunity to showcase all the amazing things you’ve been doing at this month in order to win the status of NSU’s Society of the Month, a headline story on our website and a special prize of £300 for your group! (Woo, how exciting!)

In order to be considered, please fill in the form below including 300 words as to why your society deserves the award, any picture or video evidence you want to include & a quick idea of what you would do with £300!

  • DO show off!
  • DO think of anything special or outside the box that shows your growing and improving as a society!
  • DO go into as much detail as possible! 

These awards will continue each month, with a prize of £300 and a headline website story to let everyone know all the amazing things you lot get up to! The form needs to be completed by ONE committee member from the group to be eligible, but you can compile ideas with your committee and members before it is submitted.

Any questions or further evidence to back up your application (eg. youtube videos, images etc), just drop me a line @ keldyne.wilson@northumbria.ac.uk

Happy Nominating!


Society/Project you’re nominating

Your name and committee position

Why should your society be considered for the award?

Please make it clear which month this happened! How have you really pushed the boat out this month? In roughly 300 words, please! (This isn’t about placing your group against others; it’s about how your group has gone above and beyond this month and all the amazing achievements or even just one significant achievement that you’ve had that means we should consider you!)

What will your group do with the prize?

Please send an image and any other evidence to keldyne.wilson@northumbria.ac.uk so we can use this in the news story! This will preferably be a group shot of your society members out on an activity & will be used should you win.