NSU Wellbeing Manifesto 2018-2023

Our vision - Supporting your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing to make your lives easier

  1. NSU will support students’ Mental and Emotional Health

We plan to:

  • Raise awareness of challenges that affect your health
  • Tell you about services who can support you and campaign for those services to be readily available how and when you need them
  • Create a culture where students can talk to, and support, each other with their mental and emotional health campaign to reduce the pressures on your mental health on and off campus
  • Provide fun activities to enable you to take some time to relax. 


  1. NSU will make a stand against Sexual Harassment, Assault & Violence

We plan to:

  • Champion the rights of students to always be treated fairly and with respect
  • Make it easier for you to tell us about your experiences of sexual harassment, assault and/or violence, including anonymous reporting.
  • Train staff to support and listen to you if you experience, witness or intervene in a situation involving sexual harassment, assault and/or violence.
  • Train student staff and student leaders to have the skills and confidence to challenge harassment and abuse on and off campus
  • Make it easy to access the services you need, when and how you need them


  1. NSU will support and educate students to have Healthy Sex & Relationships

We plan to:

  • Create an environment where you to explore, express and enjoy your sexual choices, without judgement
  • Promote a culture where contraception use & STI screening is widespread to help you stay healthy
  • Recognise and help address the lack of education and awareness of LGBT* sex and relationships given at school, college and community
  • Provide training on consent and how to keep yourself and others safe whilst still having fun


  1. NSU will campaign for quality, affordable Housing for students across ALL our campuses: Newcastle | London | Amsterdam

We plan to:

  • Launch a free housing advice service with the Student Law office
  • Provide affordable housing in Newcastle with no fees via our NU:Lets letting agent
  • Work with housing providers and agencies in all three cities to ensure you have a range of affordable, good quality places to live


  1. NSU will make it easier and cheaper for students Be Healthy

We plan to:

  • Lobby to ensure you receive value for money on campus food and drink
  • Provide value for money and good range of healthy options in our Newcastle bar/restaurant Habita
  • Ensure you have a good range of affordable opportunities to move more, get fit and have fun