SHAG or Sexual Health and Guidance is super important to us here at NSU. The project runs throughout the academic year with a week of focused activity in February, just in time for Valentine’s day.  

An STI/STD (Sexually Transmitted Infection/Disease) or an unwanted pregnancy is not what you came to Uni for. If you are or could be sexually active, be prepared and carry a condom with you. Remember the contraceptive pill does not protect you from STI/STDs and they can be caught just as easily through oral sex. 

If in doubt, be sure to get checked out as soon as you can, don’t put it off because these things don’t go away on their own! Head to the New Croft Centre on Market Street in the City Centre for help and advice. You can also pick up a postal STI testing kit in the NSU Building, look out for the SHAG Bins in the NSU building at City Campus and NSU Space at Coach Lane.  

Prevention, of course, is better than a cure so we provide FREE condoms via the C-Card scheme via Children North East fortnightly on a Wednesday 11-1pm or ask at the NSU Welcome Desk at City Campus and NSU Office at Coach Lane. 


Lockdown update 

A new page on the city council website brings together all the places in Newcastle that you can contact for sexual health advice and support, including access to free condoms, emergency contraception, testing and treatment of STIs and termination of pregnancy. There is also a new Facebook page, Sexually Healthy Newcastle, sharing information about these services, as well as other ways you can look after your sexual health and relationships.

You can keep up to date by following

Facebook @SHNewcastle (Sexually Healthy Newcastle)

Twitter @Ncl_SHTraining
Instagram @sexuallyhealthynewcastle