SHAG or Sexual Health and Guidance is super important to us here at NSU. We’re here all year round to provide information, advice. and support …and some cheeky social media posts!

An STI/STD (Sexually Transmitted Infection/Disease) or an unwanted pregnancy isn’t what you came to Uni for. If you are or could be sexually active, be prepared and carry a condom, dental dam and/or femidom with you. Remember, the contraceptive pill, IUD (coil), implant or injection doesn’t protect you from STI/STDs and they can be caught just as easily through oral sex

If in doubt, be sure to get checked out as soon as you can, don’t put it off because these things don’t go away on their own! Head to the New Croft Centre on Market Street in the City Centre for help and advice. You can also pick up a postal STI testing kit in the NSU Building, look out for the SHAG Bins in the NSU building at City Campus and NSU Space at Coach Lane.  

Prevention, of course, is better than a cure, so stock up on FREE condoms at the Freshers Fair and throughout the year from the New Croft Centre or NSU Welcome Desk at City campus.


Sexually Healthy Newcastle from the city council offers a wide range of sexual health advice and support, including access to free condoms, emergency contraception, testing and treatment of STIs, including HIV/Aids, and termination of pregnancy.

Check out their social media where the team share information about the services available, as well as other ways you can look after your sexual health and relationships.

Facebook @SHNewcastle

Twitter @Ncl_SHTraining

Instagram @sexuallyhealthynewcastle

For specific advice for women over the age of 16, you can talk to Shine.

MESMAC Newcastle is a service for gay and bisexual men and MSM (men who have sex with men). They offer 1 hour HIV/Aids testing alongside advice and support.


Healthy Relationships

Having and maintaining healthy relationships with friends or romantic partners is an important part of Uni life AND a good way to improve and uphold our wellbeing.

University is often a time of discovery and a chance to explore what you like or sometimes, don’t. Here at NSU we want you to have fun and find the freedom to be yourself whilst also keeping your mind and body safe from risk or harm.

If you are unsure or concerned about yourself or someone else, help and support can be accessed locally, or via the safe zone app.

Throughout the academic year NSU will commentate and offer guidance around such issues as: consent, being an active bystander, mental health and harm reduction for drugs & alcohol.