A Hate Crime is any crime which you believe was committed because of who you are, such as your race, faith, disability status, gender, age or sexual orientation.

If you’ve been a victim of a hate crime, we are here to help. We are committed to challenging hate crime on campus and in our city, and to supporting anyone who has been affected by it.

We are a Student Hate Crime Reporting Centre, which means that we can help you to report if a hate crime that you have experienced or witnessed. We work with other organisations to make sure you get access to the support you need and to help you navigate the reporting process. Our staff and officers are trained to support you and they are led by our Hate Crime Champions:


Our support is confidential and you will be in control of what happens next. You can choose to make an official complaint or police report or you can also choose for what happened to be recorded anonymously on your behalf. We can help you to make this decision and we will always listen to you.

For further information on staying safe in and around Newcastle, please see our Safe In The City advice.

Photo credit: Northumbria Police