As part of our MEH (Mental & Emotional Health) programme we are offering 3 fantastic online workshops, delivered by Gemma Perkins from The Self

Leadership Initiative Ltd. The sessions are FREE to Northumbria Students however, places are limited so we are asking you to book and pay a REFUNDABLE* £5 deposit per session.

* Deposits will be refunded after the training session take place. If you book and do not attend, your deposit will NOT be refunded.

In addition to the sessions being great for your self-care and personal development, they are also part of our Volunteer Recognitions Scheme. See Blackboard for more info.

Understanding Self-Motivation – Wednesday 29th April 1-2pm 

Speak the language of the mind.

The way we speak to ourselves has a massive impact on how we feel and engage with tasks. This workshop will introduce you to some basic Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to help you understand your motivational style and how your self-talk patterns influence your progress on goals.

Once we have raised this awareness, we will address ways of changing our language patterns in order to have a more positive motivational style and how to use meditative practices to control our mood – ready to take on big tasks or get motivated.

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Mindful Time Management – Friday 1st May 2-3.30pm 

Take a balanced approach to your timetable

A key challenge in time management is finding the balance between what you want to do and what you have to do. Before focusing on productivity, it is crucial that we understand who we are and what we are trying to achieve. This workshop starts by exploring the areas of life balance so that you have a clear map to guide your decision making. 

You will be able to use the time management tools modelled in the session to have a plan for tackling the week ahead and ideas about how to sustainably plan balanced weeks going forwards.

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Tools for Resilience – Monday 4th May 1-2.30pm

Learning to bounce back

Being able to cope with challenges takes a great deal of self-care and understanding. This workshop will help you to understand some of the psychological factors at play when you are going through stress, challenge and new experiences so that you are able to be more mindful moving forwards.

We will then explore how to use the growth mindset language patterns and the comfort-stretch model to grow your resilience over time and apply these models to your own personal action plan.

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