Your students’ union is committed to ensuring and improving your mental and physical wellbeing throughout your University experience.


The NHS and Mind set out 5 Ways to Wellbeing:

Connect | Be Active | Take Notice | Learn | Give


NSU will support you with ideas on how to connect with others, be a bit more active, new/interesting things you can take notice of, new skills or information you can learn in addition to your course and, how to give back to others.


Our Wellbeing Manifesto & Promises to you

1. NSU will support students’ Mental and Emotional Health

2. NSU will make a stand against Sexual Harassment, Assault & Violence

3. NSU will support and educate students to have Healthy Sex & Relationships

4. NSU will campaign for quality, affordable Housing for students across ALL our campuses: Newcastle | London | Amsterdam

5. NSU will make it easier and cheaper for students Be Healthy


Click here to view the full Manifesto