Moving away from home for the first time to start university can be a daunting experience and thankfully most students are eased into this new style of living by spending a year in halls – providing you with a buffer between life at home and this new lease of independence in a thriving and exciting city. Then second year comes along and in most cases it’s time to find a new place to live.

For some people this process is a piece of cake, they know who they want to live with and where, and they sign contracts for a new house safe in the knowledge their landlord is a good guy and there’ll definitely be no arguments about whose turn it is to do the washing up or who’s making too much noise after a night out in town – however for the majority of students the process of finding a place to live while at university can be a bit of a minefield. Which areas are student friendly? Does this landlord have the right credentials? Will I get on with my course mates when we’re living together?


Here at NSU, we’re so passionate about comfortable, quality and safe housing for Northumbria students that we set up our very own letting agency, NU:LETS, which have always guaranteed NO AGENCY FEES and have a wide selection of properties across the city. We understand that there’s a lot to consider, that’s why we are here to help student renters, whether you’ve done it all before or not! We want to make finding a student house or flat a great experience to help you make sure your time at university is the best it can be – that means being happy in and out of the classroom.

You can find out all about NU:LETS here.


Housing Advice

If you have moved into private accommodation, it may be that problems start to arise. Often students do not know their rights or where to turn to if they have a dispute or problem with their tenancy. Not only can this leave students out of pocket but it can make their year horrible, from leaking ceilings and mould to appliances that don’t work.

NSU has partnered with Northumbria University’s Student Law Office to provide students with free advice on their housing issues. You can pop into the Welcome Desk at City Campus or our office at Coach Lane West to make a booking, or just complete the Housing Advice Enquiry Form and email it in. This is a trial year and sessions are limited so please book in as soon as you can.


Contact our Advice Team


Facebook – NSU/Education


Drop-in advice for Initial Case Assessment

  • Newcastle City Campus - Monday to Friday 10am-4pm
  • Coach Lane Campus – Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday 10am-4pm
  • London Campus – Monday to Thursday 1pm-5pm Friday 11am-3pm


All drop-ins are subject to staff availability.  To guarantee a time please email us.  After your assessment all future appointments will need to be pre-arranged with an advisor.