What is a PEC claim (Personal Extenuating Circumstances)?

If you are experiencing unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances that have affected your studies, then you can submit a Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) claim.  A PEC claim is the formal way of telling the University that you have had circumstances which have affected your work.  A PEC form is completed and submitted via your Student Portal

What is a LA (Late Authorisation) Request?

There is a process through which students may apply for an extension – this is called an, ‘Application for Authorisation for Late Submission of Assessed Work’. This enables you to ask for additional time for unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances affecting your ability to meet the deadline.  This means that you did not know the circumstances were going to happen and you couldn’t plan around them.  

How do I ask for an extension?

You would submit the application online via the Student Portal.  You can access the form and guidance in the ‘Help and Support’ section under ‘My Course’.  An extension request should be submitted before the assessment submission deadline.    It is important to be aware that a penalty will be incurred for work submitted after a published deadline without approval or an agreed extension. A reduction of 10% of the total available mark will be made for work submitted up to 24 hours late.  A mark of zero will be given to coursework submitted more than one working day late without approval. 

If you miss an original or extended deadline (without an approved extension) then you may submit a Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) claim so that the university is aware of the reasons why you couldn’t meet the extended deadline.

Should I ask for an extension, or submit a PEC claim?

You can’t normally receive an extension and an approved PEC for the same thing. There are exceptions, if your circumstances worsen for example, but normally you will need to decide whether you should apply for an extension or submit a PEC claim. The core issue tends to be whether you will be able to complete your work to your normal standards within the timeframe of an extension (usually up to two weeks but occasionally up to a month). If so, this is likely to be the best option but if not, you might wish to submit a PEC claim.

Our advisors can support you in making this decision, so please do contact us if you’re not sure which of these options is best for you.