Brexit continues to cause a great deal of uncertainty. At the moment no one knows what will happen on the 31st October but it is the stated intention of the government to leave the European Union.

Where can I find out more information

The UK Council for International Student Affairs maintains a dedicated webpage kept up to date as the situation develops

The University has a dedicated page on the KnowledgeBase in the Student Portal. This will be kept up to date as soon as more information is known.

Can I stay in the UK after I graduate / my course is three years or more?

It is recommended if you plan to stay in the UK that you apply for Settled Status. You can apply here. The Government’s position is if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, you’ll only be able to apply if you’re living in the UK before it leaves the EU.

I am a UK student. How does Brexit affect me wanting to study or work in Europe?

Please refer to the University’s page and speak to Ask4Help through the Student Portal.

What is the Students’ Union doing

The Students’ Union Sabbatical Team believes that EU students, and indeed students from across the world, should be able to study and live in the UK and are an important part of the student community at Northumbria and in the city of Newcastle.

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, the Students’ Union will always be here to support its students and to challenge discrimination and hate crime in any form.

While the Students’ Union does not provide immigration advice we recommend

  • All students register for a GP when they arrive at Northumbria. GP registration will be available at enrolment (when you pick up your card) and at points throughout induction week.
  • EU Students apply for Settled Status now, regardless of your future plans. Start the process before 31st October.  We understand the process requires an Android phone that has contactless payment function, that is it has Near Field Communication. Iphones and Android phones without Near Field Communication cannot be used. Please check your android phone settings and come and speak to us if you need to use an appropriate phone.
  • All students register to vote otherwise the decisions will be taken out of your hands
  • If at any time you are made to feel uncomfortable, isolated or experience hate crime because of your nationality, appearance, accent or anything else please come and speak to the Officers in the ground floor of the Union or contact our Hate Crime Champions.
  • If you do have concerns around how Brexit is impacting your academic performance and work then please contact our advice team:


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