Following the University’s announcement to wave third term accommodation fees, we understand that many of you in private accommodation will have been left with uncertainty and concerns. 

Your Sabbatical Officer team have lobbied private hall providers directly to release students from their contracts, in line with what the university has done. We have also been in contact with Newcastle City Council to do the same and use its influence and use its influence to lobby landlords, as well as private providers. 

In the interest of transparency, you can find our letter to the council here and toprivate accommodation providers here

Most recently we have co-signed a letter with the Vice-Chancellor to landlords and private providers, calling on them to follow the University’s approach. 

Find out what each provider is doing here (updated 20th April) 

If you need financial support, you can apply for financial help through your Student Portal. 


Write to your landlord/provider 

We strongly encourage students to write to their own landlord/provider and have produced a handy letter template that you can use to add extra pressure to and start a discussion. We would recommend giving as much evidence of financial hardship that you are comfortable providing, to start a discussion around rent deferrals or rent payment plans. 

DID YOU KNOW you have the right to know the name and address of your landlord Find out more here:? 

Unsure about your rights as a tenant in regards Covid 19? Check out thisguidance


What about Estate Agents? 

We’ve had a lot of questions from students asking us to lobby different estate agents to release students from their contracts. Unfortunately, the power here often lies with the landlord and the responses we’ve received from estate agents who we did contact affirms this. Estate agents aren’t able to lobby landlords either as this would place them in a financially compromised position. This is why we have enlisted the help of the local council to lobby landlords directly and produced the letter template above for you to lobby your landlord directly should you wish to. 


We know this is a worrying and confusing time for you all, so please bear with us and don’t hesitate to drop one of us a line if you have any further questions or concerns. We’re here for you!? 

Take care and stay safe, 

Your Sabbatical Team 


*P.s Please note that the SU can only LOBBY providers, we cannot guarantee that they will waive fees as a result.