NSU love to see our students get involved with volunteering which is why we are pleased to announce our new initiative ‘Community Heroes’! What is it you may be thinking?


How can I get involved?

Community Heroes is a scheme to encourage and reward students to participate in community volunteering!

If you have got involved with any form of community volunteering and would like a chance to win £50 let us know! Any student can apply to become a Community Hero, even sports teams and societies can apply too.

What happens if you win? If you win the Community Hero award you will be given a certificate and £50, if you win this as a sports team or society the £50 will be paid to your student group account.


Sumbit the form below:

Your name 

Society/Project/Individual you’re nominating

Why should this society/project/individual be considered for the Community Heroes award?

What have they done for the community?

How have their actions helped you?

Why do they deserve this award? 


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