• Storytelling Associate Membership£3.00
  • Storytelling Standard Membership£3.00

About Us

Welcome to NSU Storytelling

What do we mean by storytelling? We mean ANY form of telling stories: writing, books, films, TV, comics, plays and more! We provide a friendly, inclusive environment to share our interest in storytelling and help each other develop our creative writing abilities. We post our events on this website, facebook and twitter so please become a member and keep up to date or risk missing out!

What is our aim?

We’re aim to host a regular weekly meetups with discussions and debates, storytelling tips and ideas, group story-creation sessions, games and other activities (snacks included). On top of this, we’d like to host movie nights, food socials and possibly making short films together (depending on the level of interest!).

Who is this group best suited for?

People who love creative writing or storytelling – from fanfiction to novels to poetry? Want to write your own plays or direct your own films? Not into writing yourself, but still enjoy reading/watching and discussing a good story? Want to talk about plot holes, clichés and argue that the original was better? This society is for you!

Our committee!

President: Thomas Belshaw 

Secretary: Rhi Furminger

Social Secretary/ Vice President: Abbie Todd

Treasurer: Maegan Waters

Feel free to send us a message or stop us if you see us around uni if you have any questions!