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About Us

Who Are We?

NUCAN (Northumbria University Climate Action Network) is a group of climate conscious students from the architecture and built environment department that are looking to adopt a more effective, sustainability focused design approach. We aim to create an organic continuation of our curriculum that is built on the power of student agency and direct communication with staff to facilitate an intra-university knowledge sharing network.

The objectives of our Society are:

  • Educate ourselves on the impact of the built environment on the climate crisis
  • Identify and address areas of the curriculum that are lacking emphasis on sustainability
  • Prepare ourselves for the future by learning how to design sustainably

How Can You Get Involved?

NUCAN may seem very daunting if you don't consider yourself to be climate literate, or a particularly climate conscious student in general. However, that is one of the reasons that we are forming in the first place. Everybody starts from somewhere. We feel that there is no limit to how much you can learn about the ever changing climate crisis and the tools that we can use to combat it.

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Meet the committee:

President: Oscar Göger

Secretaries: Aidan Eggleston, Finley Hoggard

Treasurer: Liam Philpot

Event Organisation: Beth Mottram, Nadia Lotecka

Marketing: Ellie Owen, Vasilios Frantzis