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About Us

Welcome to NSU K-Pop!

The main focuses of our society are dance and culture. Join our community to meet other K-Pop lovers and discover a passion for dance along the way. We hold dance classes where we learn the choreo to your favourite K-Pop songs, as well as interesting socials where you can get to know members and learn more about Korean culture and traditions.



The committee are pretty ambituous with the events we have planned this year, however most of them are COVID dependant. But do expect charity fundrasiers, collaboration projects with other universities, and some trips outside of Newcastle! 


From online watch parties and gaming, to cooking shows and competitions, we have a range of new ideas to keep our community active and fun even if we can't meet up in person. As restrictions ease up we plan to keep our socials interactive and fun, taking inspiration from Korean variety shows and traditions to educate and entertain our members.


This year the dance classes may be different from previous years as we are only working with one dance teacher at the moment. We will try and deliver one or more classes each month.


You can get all of that for just a one time payment of £5? Sign me up!

Don't forget members receive loads of unique benefits not available to anyone else. This includes free bubble tea and pizza at socials, discounts at stores in town like Mask House and Manhua Cha, and priority in any competitions or shows we participate in.




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