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  • K-Pop Dance Standard Membership£6.00

About Us

Welcome to K-Pop at Northumbria!

The K-Pop society is all about appreciating individuality though our common interests: K-Pop and dance! You don’t need to be a world class dancer or a BTS stan to get involved, we offer a range of activities which should interest anyone who enjoys K-Pop, from complete beginners to pros!


What do we do?

We hold weekly dance classes where we learn the choreographies to various K-Pop songs. Members vote each month via a poll for the songs they’d like to learn. This way we can ensure we’re teaching something that everyone is interested in. In the past we’ve learned dances from BTS, Blackpink, Block B, Twice, and HyunA to name a few.

We also hold weekly socials where we do activities such as K-drama nights, karaoke, escape rooms, Korean BBQ, and K-Pop club nights, so even if dancing isn’t your thing you can always join for our fun socials and learn a bit more about Korean culture too!


Why become a member?

If you’re interested in Korean culture then there’s something for everyone! From the food to the language, together we can learn and celebrate what makes Korea so special.

Members can attend our dance classes for free, as well as enjoy fun socials for free (or at a reduced cost).

Members will also receive discounts at local businesses including:

  • 20% off Mask House
  • 15% off Korean language lessons at The Language Centre
  • 10% off Manhua Cha
  • 10% off Soju and Gogi when paying in cash. No service fee for a group of 8+ with membership cards. Free soju for groups of 5+ with membership cards.

New to the area? We will set up a tour around Newcastle for international students to help you get to know us and the area better. We’ll show you all the best places to get Korean food and products!



Despite only being established in November 2018, we’ve managed to gain over 50 members, which was more than double our goal for the year!  

At the Students’ Union Activities Awards 2019, we won Highly Commended Best New Society, as well as the Bronze award in the Society Recognition Scheme.

We were invited to teach at two major conventions, the first being SunnyCon 2019, the biggest anime convention in the North East, and the second being Newcastle Comic-Con. Both went very successfully! You can check out our vlog from SunnyCon below. It may also give you an idea as to how our classes are taught:


Our goals:

As we are a dance society, we hope to be able to teach more full length dances this year and film covers to post on our YouTube channel. We also would like to organise flash mobs in the city centre or on campus, hold random dance plays, perform at more variety shows, and even enter competitions.

We aim to create a safe space for K-Pop lovers, whilst bridging the gap between Northumbria and international students. We want to bring the community together in appreciation of dance and Korean culture, whilst educating our members on Korean society through our socials.

We will get our name out there by collaborating with more societies, to provide our members the chance to experience and learn something new, as well as organising fundraisers to raise money for BTS’ UNICEF Love Yourself Campaign and other charities. 



Which membership do I buy?

Standard membership – for current students of Northumbria University.

Associate membership – for students at other universities/colleges or recent Northumbria graduates.

*You must be 18+ to be elligible for a membership*

I’m not a university student, can I still join?

If you're not a student, or recent Northumbria graduate, then you're not eligible for a membership, but you are still welcome to come to our dance classes which will be charged at £6 per class. This will be paid at the start of each lesson. You are also welcome to come to our socials, however you will have to pay full price for any activities which cost money.

Do I have to be over 18 to join?

There is no age limit for our classes. We have a wide range of ages currently, from 10-30, so everyone is welcome! Please bear in mind though that university students run these lessons, therefore it may be a bit more on the mature side with possible bad language or dances not suitable for children.

When and where are the classes held?

Classes are Tuesday's 6-8pm. They are held in Squire's 026, but don't worry if you don't know where that is! We meet at the Student's Union at 5:30pm and walk to the room together.

We hope to see you soon!~





Newcastle Mini Tour & Bubble Tea Social
Northumbria Students' Union, 2 Sandyford Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8SB
If you've just moved into the area and don't know Newcastle well, join us on our mini tour around some of our favourite places in Newcastle! Those of you who don't want to go on a tour feel free to come to the SU at 5:30pm for bubble tea!
Society Events
Dance Class - Call Me Baby
Squires Building Room 026
This weeks dance class will be Call me baby. Please D.O come along! Meet at the SU at 5:30 and we will walk across together ??
Society Events
Dance Class - Baam
Squires Building Room 026
This weeks dance class will be Baam by Momoland. It’ll be GREAT! Meet at the su at 5:30 and we will walk over together ??
Society Events
Spooky Night
Training Rooms 1 & 2
Join us at the SU on Oct 30th for a night filled with spooky snacks and games! ?? Open to all ages. Be sure to bring your best Halloween costume! We'll meet at the SU for 7pm.
Society Events
Halloween K-Pop Club Night
Retro, 14-16 Newgate St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5RG
NSU K-Pop Society presents our Halloween K-Pop Club Night! With DJ SnoozyBlue bringing you the best K-Pop bangers and ultimate spooky tunes. We'll also be having a costume competition for the best dressed for the chance to win a selection of booze.
Club Night
Dance Class - Don't Recall
Squires Building Room 026
This weeks dance class will be Don’t recall by KARD! You JIWOO’dnt want to miss this it will J.SEPHanitly be amazing! Meet at the su at 5:30 and we will walk over together ????
Society Events
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