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About Us

Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and Newcastle has not fallen behind in this trend at all. The city of Newcastle has three indoor climbing gyms within walking distance of the university, all of which offer a different style of training. These facilities provide a great environment to both enjoy the sport and keep yourself fit during your time here.

Venturing just out of the city there are some very notable locations to be found in north east guides, providing the perfect opportunity to see more of the countyside and explore what the area has to offer. Sites such as Kyloe in the Woods are less than an hour away and provide a great day out where all that is needed is some shoes, a pad and good company.

Climbing has been shown to improve mental health by removing stress, improving memory and increasing creativity. This is extremely beneficial as a student, where deadlines and looming exams can have a serious effect on your mental health.

Our main aims as a group are to promote climbing and its benefits within Northumbria University and to strengthen Newcastle’s already strong climbing community. To this end we will be running a Thursday training session alongside various trips to local climbing locations or other climbing centres. These are open to any member at any level of ability, where new climbers will be actively encouraged to participate with the guidance of more experienced climbers.

Committee Members

President – Kai Glassford

Secretary – Steve Bentham

Treasurer – Will Holliday

Social Sec – James Billington