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About Us

Welcome to the Bar Society! 

The Northumbria Bar Society will offer unique opportunities to further student’s legal careers, whilst assisting student’s journey in becoming a Barrister. This society would be able to develop essential skills that a Barrister would need, both practical such as cross-examination and witness handling and informational sessions such as guidance on pupillage applications and joining an Inn of Court. This would also support those unsure about what legal route is better suited to them and those who are unsure of the benefits of Northumbria’s Bar course. 

The Bar Society will focus highly on networking opportunities, events and talks with Barristers, both in person and virtually. In addition, it would also offer the chance to socialise with other aspiring barristers on the course. The Bar Society would focus on providing opportunities to further student career, employability skills, and find out more about life at the Bar.

The objectives of our Northumbria Bar Society are:

  • Ensuring the Bar is accessible, through offering support, information and advice.
  • Enhancing Bar Practice skills and Life skills required to become a Barrister.
  • Encouraging networking and socialising with professionals and other students. 


Meet the Committee: 

Gabrielle Coates: President ( 

Estelle Chambers: Vice President (

Jasmine Dodd: Secretary (

Aria Esfahani: Treasurer (

Iseult McGrory: Social Secretary (

Laura Carr: Wellness & Employability Officer (


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