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About Us

Northumbria Design Group aims to inspire students of Design to realise their greater societal role and contribution to the positive advancement of society. Through bi-weekly events, members are encouraged to recognise their skill-sets as a tool for healing humanity’s wounds.

Currently, these events consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Film showings centered around current sustainable design projects and movements.
  • Lectures by guest speakers in the industry.
  • Discussions amongst group members on chosen topics.
  • Visiting public lectures and events around Newcastle.

Visit our Facebook Pages for updates on the group’s direction and to find upcoming events:

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If you have any suggestions or recommendations for the group, or would like a greater organisational role as a Committee Member, please message the Facebook Page linked above.

Our philosophy: Collaboration + Discussion = Innovation

Collaboration - Students Working With Students: All academic backgrounds  come together for a diversity of insights.

Discussion - Open Forums: Collectively addressing today’s most pressing issues.

Innovation - Discussion in Practice: Incorporating our common knowledge and individual skills to come up with real-world solutions.