• Music Standard Membership£3.00
  • Music Associate Membership£3.00

About Us

Are you interested in music? Do you love to sing? Do you play an instrument?

Then come along and join us!

We’re a friendly society which meets weekly and runs groups including:

  • Sessions for singers and instrumentalists that want to form their own bands, whatever your musical style!
  • Our very own jazz band
  • Small classical ensembles, including a string ensemble
  • Busking for charity - this is currently on hold due to Covid.
  • Biannual variety shows with loads of other peformance societies!

We run our own regular Open Mic Nights within the SU, as well as going out to different open mics in town! These are a great opportunity to show off your talent, build your confidence and see amazing performances by the students of Northumbria. However, due to the current situation in the world because of Covid these are currently on hold

In the 2018/19 year we decided to start putting on our variety shows. This is one of our favourite events of the year as it brings together so many different performance based societies within the students union. At these shows you can sing, dance, act, read poetry, give us a bit of comedy or show us whatever talent you see fit! We use these 2 shows (1 during each semester) to raise money for our chosen charity and as in the past we have used it to raise money for RAG soc and for the newly founded Foodbank for students and we aim to continue this.

At the 2018/19 activities awards we managed to walk away with 4 awards. These were: Highly Commended Collaboration of the Year for our Variety Show 2.0, Highly Commended Secretary of the Year for Holly Marks, Treasurer of the Year for Marc Stuhldreier and Committee of the Year! We also achieved the Gold Recognition award for the 2018/19 year and were able to achieve this in the 2019/20 year as well. We’re so proud of all we’ve already achieved and can’t wait to carry on the legacy of this society with some fab new members! 

Most importantly, we like to have fun and are always open to new ideas – so if you would like to help start up a new group, join one or enjoy music with us, let us know and become a member. We love every single member of this society so much, you guys are the reason we get to do what we do! We're a no pressure, judgement free zone, and we truly just want everyone to be able to express themsleves through their music and have a fab time.

Whether you're a returning member or a fresher, we hope to see you all soon!

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