• LGBT* Standard Membership£5.00
  • LGBT* Associate Membership£5.00

About Us

Welcome to your award winning LGBT* society for 2020/21, where we will endeavour to build the society around you, your wants and your needs, from a chance to meet like-minded people to advice on all things related to your sexuality, and/or gender related issues. We aim to be a welcoming place for all, where we hope you'll meet some of your best university friends, and to create a family atmosphere that you always want to be a part of, and will remember in the future. Your committee are always here whether you need advice or just a friendly face for a chat, as well as providing a lot of social events which we hope you will get involved in, such as nights out and bar crawls, tea and coffee meets, day trips and film and game nights.


We're looking forward to more collaboration socials and events with other societies within NSU and with other LGBT* societies around the region and country, as well as continuing to run our own renowned bar crawls. Also, continuing to support local charities through fundraising at some of our socials.


There are three ways to join the society: either come and see us at the fresher's fair, (where you can meet some of your committee members and maybe a few other new members), at the SU Welcome desk, or online. Membership gives you access to society votes, running for committee, and exclusive member only perks and discounts. The bigger the society gets, the more discounts we can offer, so get joining! We encourage all people to get involved in our society, including allies, so if you're nervous about popping along, feel free to bring a friend, even if they don't identify under the rainbow!


Feel free to join our Facebook page, follow our Twitter and instagram (northumbrialgbt), and we hope to see you soon! Please note that event links will only be available if you are a member of the society's Facebook group.