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About Us

Who are we? - The JHR, previously named the Gentleman’s Society, is Northumbria University’s oldest dinning club (and probably the only society with a dresscode).

What do we do? - Throughout the academic year the Society hosts a variety of social and educational events, such as the 12 pints of Christmas (self explanatory) and a lecture series on great people, culminating in our black tie end of year ball to create a friendly group with a shared love of traditional pursuits and formal events.

What does JHR stand for? - The initials of John Hunter Rutherford, the Victorian Tyneside educator that created our University’s earliest iteration in 1894. In a rapidly changing world where education doesnt end when you leave the lecture theatre we provide the opportunity to learn a few new things every month as part of a commitment to life long learning. 

Why join? - We’re an inclusive society that really has its roots in good fun and banter. Whether it’s a boozy karaoke night or a three course lunch at a private members club the JHR connects good people with good times.


Open to everyone from full tweed country folks to people that have just watched Kingsman too many times.