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  • Islamic Associate Membership£1.50


  • ISOC Ramadan Crowdfunding - £10 Donation£10.00
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About Us

The University will be writing to all registered users of the Muslim Prayer Facility on Thursday to update them on the provision during this period of heightened restrictions. As you know the matter is being debated in Parliament on Wednesday before becoming law. That said the current guidance is quite clear that places of worship cannot stay open for group prayer and therefore with regard to Friday Jumma and Khutba, that the sessions in the Students’ Union will be discontinued for the time being. As soon as these restrictions change we will let you know.

Once best society of the year (2013), best faith society and one of the most recommended societies in the university! 

The Islamic society is here to provide support to Muslim students, as well as share the  message of Islam with each and every student who are interested in finding out more about Islam. The society organises numereous events including football matches, game nights etc. for the brothers and socials and henna nights etc. for the sisters. The society also provides a platform of learning and presenting Islam to both Muslims and non-muslims alike through hosting renowned speakers and Islamic events. We also have weekly reminders classes given by local Imams etc. and we organize Iftar (fast breaking) dinner during Ramadan and other dinner events (e.g Eid celebreation dinner).

Jummah Khutbah starts at 1:10

The Islamic society is a very diverse and active society and membership is open to all so come and join us!

Check out our facebook for more information, or alternatively email us.

Membership is only £3.00 and it runs from 1st August to 31st July each year.