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About Us

Welcome to the Grey Society!


We are the official law society here at Northumbria, and we have 3 key goals:

  • Help you become employable
  • Create a social atmosphere for you to make friends and have fun
  • Contribute to the community with events in charity, equality and diversity.

Whether you are a law student or just interested in the Law, we have events that are perfect for you!


Meet the committee: 












PRESIDENT: Shannon Richardson ( [4th Year M Law Exempting (BPTC)]

'As president, it's my job to make sure you all have a fab time and learn something new! I am the facilitator of the society and make sure the committee runs wonderfully, our events are ran perfectly, you guys feel heard in the society and that we can expand on what we do across the uni and the country. No pressure then...'

TREASURER: Meagan Leightley ( [2nd year M Law Exempting]

'Hey, I’m the treasurer which means it’s my job to deal with society funds. This means I have to ensure we have enough money to put on all fabulous events through out the year! If you have any questions about the society or events just let me know!'

SECRETARY: James O'Connor ( [2nd year M Law Exempting] 

'Hey guys, I'm James. I look forward to hearing from any of you for any queeries for our Employability and Social Events. Any general infor needed, give me a shout.'

EMPLOYABILITY OFFICERS: Lucy Todd ( & Kenar Usman ( [Both: 2nd year M Law Exempting]

'As your Employability dream team, it is our job to provide some great sessions on employability, these can range from talking you through application processes, to our great annual networking event. We aim to provide you with a range of opportunities to bolster your CV and are always here to lend a helping hand on all employability questions.'

SOCIAL SECRETARY: Zoe Norton ( [3rd year M Law Exempting]

'Hey! As the Social Secretary its my job to organise and plan social events throughout the year from bar crawls to sober socials as well as many other fantastic events. However my role isn't just limited by socials, if you need any help or guidance throughout the year, please don't hesitate to give me a shout, and I look forward to working with you all for this upcoming year!'

CHARITY, EQUALITY & DIVERSITY OFFICER: Gina Miller ( [4th Year M Law Exempting (BPTC)] 


Coming up:


Employability - Our employability officers have a range of sessions organised to develop your skills.

  • How to network - The in's and out's of speaking to professionals
  • The networking event - The opportunity to infiltrate a whole venue of professionals!
  • Professional panels - Experts dicussing topics like solicitor vs barrister and interview skills


Socials - We are organising a range of events for you to get together and have fun

  • Freshers bar crawl - New to Newcastle or looking to mingle? We will give you a tour of the toon before uni kicks in!
  • Halloween bar crawl - Who doesn't love to dress up? Get spooky and have a laugh on this frightingly fab time of year
  • Ice skating - Whether you are an expert or complete bambi on ice, come along and join us for a fun festive time
  • Christmas meal - Get together for christmas crackers and wholesome food before breaking up for christmas 
  • The annual law ball - A chance to get glammed up and sum up the year before summer


Charity - The nominated charity we will be raising money for this year is Mind, but our quest to community development doesn't end there...

  • The charity quiz - This is your chance to win some prizes, get competitive and contribute to our fab cause this year
  • Charity movie night - A chilled night and fab opportunity to do something fun for a fab cause
  • Charity bake sale - Do you want to bake or just cram your face? Either way, watch out for our delicious delights



For the coming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April, all roles will be on the table for anyone interested. 

We encourage any hopeful committee candidates to talk to existing committee for some inside hints and tips and get some better insight into what running a committee is really like. All existing members of committee are more than happy to facilitate these kinds of conversations to better improve the longevity of the society. 

What makes a good candidate? 

A person who is commited to the law school. A person who has a firm grasp of the goings on in the law school. A person who is both approachable and easy to communicate with. A person who is open minded to both ideas and issues and will strive to solve them with a proactive stance. 

Positions on Committee will be confirmed closer to the time. 

On the night, we'll be supplying the snacks. Pizza and chips will be on offer with options for varying dietary requirements. 

Look forward to seeing you in April

Get in touch:

If you have any questions, feel free to email any of our committee or contact us on:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: @nsugreysoc
  • Instagram: @nsugreysoc

Hope to see you soon!

The Grey Society