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About Us

Here at GRP, we specialize in board gaming and role-play.

We play a lot of popular board games such as Werewolf, Catan, Betrayal: House on the Hill, The Resistance, and Coup. We hold card game tournaments and host a wide variety of role-plays, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Throughout the year we also run our Westmarches 5e Campaign, and often weekly standalone role-plays!
So if board games and socializing is your thing, then please come along!

We run Wednesdays in Reds Bar on the top floor of the Students’ Union from 1 pm onwards!

Board Gaming

Every Wednesday we bring along a wide selection of card and board games which cover every genre from traditional games such as Settlers of Catan through to the infamous and profane Cards Against Humanity. One of my personal favorites, and a big hit last year was Coup, an incredibly simple but infinitely replayable game of deceit and deduction. Each week we typically have a large game of Ultimate Werewolf or One Night Werewolf where everyone involved is secretly given a character on either the village or werewolf team and through social deduction must route out the werewolves amongst the party, or in the case of the werewolves, must use wit and cunning to talk the villagers into lynching their own.


Last year we had a great variety of imaginative campaigns based on Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, Pokemon, Warhammer 40k and a few I’m sure I’m missing.

At the start of the year we’ll call for Game Masters and Dungeon Masters to present the theme of their campaigns and the system they’ll be using, then we’ll host a sign-up event for players to choose which campaigns they’re interested in. The DMs are free to run their RPs on any day of the week, typically in the evenings, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one to suit your tastes and your schedule, although we advise not running on Wednesday's between 1-5 as this is the time GRP runs.

We also have our Westmarches campaign, a D&D campaign open ot all members in which players of varying levels live within the same world and can interact and Roleplay outside of session in our Discord. This is great of veterans of D&D 5e or newcomers to learn as you get to learn and Roleplay in a large support network of friends.

We’ll also be hosting a few standalone roleplays throughout the year, so even if you can’t commit to a regular campaign join us for a one-off instead.


Wednesday GRPs typically wind up around 6 pm with members heading to one of the nearby pubs for a bite to eat and a few drinks, everyone is welcome to join us!


Connor Mendum - President
Natasha Coates - Secretary
Ashleigh Hewitt - Treasurer
Gavin Coates - Roleplay Secretary

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Remember, Wednesdays in Reds Bar on the top floor of the Students’ Union from 1 pm onwards!