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About Us

GRP is the society that houses all the board gaming and roleplay.

We play lots of popular board games and card games, such as Werewolf, Coup, Betrayal: House on the Hill, Settlers of Catan, and many, many more, including some less well known games. You can find any of them at our weekly Wednesday meetings.

We also host a wide variety of other events, and run a massive West Marches style DnD campaign throughout the year.

So if any of this sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate to get involved with us!


Board Gaming

As mentioned above, every Wednesday we bring along a wide selection of card and board games which cover every genre from traditional games such as Settlers of Catan through to the infamous and profane Cards Against Humanity.

One of our member's favourites for example, was Coup, an incredibly simple but infinitely replayable game of deceit and deduction.

There's nothing simpler than to come along, join in a game, have fun playing, and make some friends!



Every year, plenty of our members run and play in their own private campaigns in many different systems, and many different settings. There are always some Game Masters and Dungeon Masters looking for players to realise their games, as well as many players looking to play. To this end, twice a year, we organise a sign-up event, where the GMs and DMs can present their games to an audience of players. The players then get the opportunity to sign up to these games.

We also have our West Marches campaign, a D&D campaign open to all GRP members, in which players of varying levels live within the same world and can interact and Roleplay outside of quest sessions in our Discord. This is great both for veterans of D&D 5e, as well as any newcomers, which get to learn to play and roleplay in a large support network of friends, who are all ready to answer any and all questions, or just chat about random topics. What's also great about the campaign is that it requires no commitment from you; there are games every week, and you can just apply to a game whenever you feel like it, without being bound to a single adventuring party.

The link to join the Discord is - please do make sure to join the society as a member to play.


Meetings, Socials & Events

The main GRP meeting is every Wednesday in the Reds Bar on the top floor of the Student's Union building. It runs from 1pm - 5pm and is a great opportunity to meet people and play some board games.

      > We have to note that due to the COVID-19 situation, our in-person meeting will be suspended, until the Students' Union deems them safe to happen again.

For our weekly DnD games, feel free to join our West Marches campaign here: - there are also several large RP events throughout the year involved in the campaign, so keep an eye out for that on the Discord server!

There are also our RPG Sign-up events, as mentioned before, which are perfect if you're looking to run, or play a game, no matter the system.

Around Christmas, we also usually host a festive pub quiz about all things sci-fi as well as another pub quiz in cooperation with our friends at the Computer and Videogames Society at the end of the academic year, so look out for that too.

And finally, we are also going to host a multitude of events during the 20/21 Freshers Week:

  • 19th-24th September: 5 sessions of "Gamers Lounge" - similar to our standard weekly sessions, only in conjunction with the CVGS, so you can play both board and video games there.
  • 25th September: Big Gamer Party, again in cooperation with the CVGS - find out more here.

Keep an eye out for updates on these events; the best place to do this is our Facebook page - find a link to the page, as well as other contacts below.


Contact Us

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Email us:


Remember, Wednesdays in Reds Bar on the top floor of the Students’ Union from 1 pm onwards!


Sincerely, from your committee:

Gavin Coates - President

Will Croston - Secretary

Ashleigh Hewitt - Treasurer

Marek Kocvara- Roleplay Secretary