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About Us

We are the Northumbria Furry Society or Fur Soc for short

We hope to give those with an interest or those who are already deeply involved in the fandom a place to socialise and make new friends at northumbria university. Our aims are to create a freindly, inclusive and drama free space where everyone is able to relax and be themselves. Anyone with a passing interest in the fandom is more than welcome to join, as are those who have been involved in the fandom for many years. We hope to host a wide veraity of events over the course of the year which we hope you will all enjoy to the fullest these events will be things such as ;

  • Regular meet ups; sort of a meet and greet, to sit around, chat and have a bit of fun       
  • Fur meets; typically these are similar to regular meet ups however they also allow those who have fursuits to get them out and walk around in them.
  • Guest speakers; this is where as the name suggests we will get in a few guest speakers in order to talk about different aspects of the fandom.
  • Fur walks; these are walks where there are several people in fursuit, these would be done around Newcastle, given we are able to get permission for them.


Social Media and contact details :

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  • Telegram Group : If you want to join the telegram group feel free to message one of the admins or email us at one of the adresses listed above