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About Us

Hello and welcome to the French Society! Our committee for 2020-21 are committed to making all members feel safe, comfortable, and welcome, whilst enjoying some amazing socials and sessions. You do not have to speak a word of French to join (and some of us don't). We love our native members, too, who can assist with language learning in a way that we can't, and can give us a true appreciation of the culture. Please don't hesitate to use the given email address to contact us with any queries. Allons-y!

Meet your 2020/21 committee:

PRESIDENT Rebecca Hall

TREASURER Abigail Parker

SECRETARY Alexandra Gabriela


For general inquiries, please email


This year, we plan to organise a number of exciting events, including:

  •  Virtual wine night
  •  Welcome quiz
  •  Christmas 'candygram'
  •  Wine/beer tasting
  •  French Film screenings
  •  Back to uni bar crawl (January)
  •  Traditional Pâques (Easter) events
  •  End of year international trip
  •  Fortnightly learning sessions
  •  Guest speakers on wellness and career opportunities for bi/multilingual speakers

We are currently looking for a society charity to support, and will have this posted in October, so that our new members can vote for one that is uniquely close to their hearts.