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About Us

Hello and welcome to the French Society! Our committee for 2020-21 are committed to making all members feel safe, comfortable, and welcome, whilst enjoying some amazing socials and sessions. You do not have to speak a word of French to join (and some of us don't). We love our native members, too, who can assist with language learning in a way that we can't, and can give us a true appreciation of the culture. Please don't hesitate to use the given email address to contact us with any queries. Allons-y!

Meet your 2020/21 committee:

PRESIDENT Rebecca Hall

TREASURER Abigail Parker

SECRETARY Alexandra Gabriela


For general inquiries, please email


This year, we plan to organise a number of exciting events, including:

  •  Virtual wine night
  •  Welcome quiz
  •  Christmas 'candygram'
  •  Wine/beer tasting
  •  Film screenings
  •  Back to uni bar crawl (January)
  •  Traditional PACS (Easter) events
  •  End of year international trip
  •  Fortnightly learning sessions
  •  Guest speakers on wellness and career opportunities for bi/multilingual speakers

We are currently looking for a society charity to support, and will have this posted in October, so that our new members can vote for one that is uniquely close to their hearts. 






Virtual Wine Night
Virtual Event
Welcome virtual wine night to meet new members and discuss event and volunteering opportunities.
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