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About Us

Welcome to the Northumbria Fashion Society!


We are the official Fashion Society here at Northumbria University and we aim to:


  • Create a collaborative community across the university.
  • Give you opportunities to showcase your work. 
  • Back up learning and support those interested in the industry.
  • Support students through the rapidly changing circumstances within the future context of fashion. 


You do not have to be studying a Fashion Degree to enjoy and benefit from our wide range of events! 


The Future of Fashion group


Future of Fashion is our excellent academic based program that supports you to solidify your personal philosophies and understand what the future of the industry and roles will look like in 5-10 years time - future that we as graduates will be leaping into. Coming along to these events will help you make informative decisions and advance your knowledge which increases your employability. 

FoF will be hosting its first speaker week for its launch on the 1st March 2021 

Guests from all areas of the industry will be sharing exclusive insight into the future of their businesses and job roles. Don’t miss out! Follow our socials to keep up to date on who our speakers will be and how to join this online event. 

After our launch events we will be hosting discussion group meetings every week on topics that you wish to learn and debate about mixed      with speakers throughout the academic year. 



The Magazine


We’re happy to announce that NFS will be building a team where aspiring Editors, Journalists, Photographers etc. can come together to create a publication that showcases Northumbria at its best. 

Anyone can write an article, create an editorial shoot, conduct interviews and print their work – just email us to recieve and fill out the Publishing Intent form and send back to to be contacted to discuss your plans. 



To find our Editor we want to give you the opportunity to create an exiting example of what our magazine could look like if you had the role. The Editor will head their own team and make final creative decisions, keep to a set schedule and ensure the content is in line with NFS philosophies.

To find out how to enter please find the Editor Competition Brief on our Facebook and Instagram page. We look forward to seeing your work! 

Winner will be the entry with the most votes given by members.






Here at NFS we strive to give you a platform to showcase your work in a professional environment, make industry connections and enhance your employability skills.

We aim to bring you annual showcases where everyone has the chance to get their work seen by the University community, friends and family, and the industry as well as collaborating with students across the university. Workshops to build your professional skills and competitions in collaboration with brands.

Follow our socials to keep up to date with what’s happening and how to get involved.





  • Friday 11th December – SOCIETY Q&A and MEET YOUR COMMITTEE - Held on Zoom – no membership needed. 


  • 1ST – 5TH  FEBRUARY – FUTURE of FASHION SPEAKER LAUNCH WEEK - More info coming soon!


  • EDITOR COMPETITION - Open and Close dates TBD 


  • ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, FEBRUARY  – To elect new Committee roles available to Northumbria students only through ballot and with all members present – DATE TBD


Meet your Committee


DIRECTOR: Megan Fletcher ( 2nd year Fashion Design 


 I am very exited to be your NFS Director. Your amazing committee and I have brought you a much needed platform to freely showcase your work and many opportunities to collaborate, practice your skills and inform yourself on the future of the industry.

If you have an idea (further out the box the better!) I’d love to hear it and help you realise it under the Fashion Society.

I aspire to lift our peers and fellow members up to have successful futures and to spark imagination - bringing your daydreams to reality.

Get in touch for anything at all!

All the love,




DEPUTY DIRECTOR AND MARKETING OFFICER: Archie Hammond ( 3rdyear Fashion Design and Marketing

I’m a third year Fashion Design and Marketing student who’s main work is in menswear, I’ve got a great love for vintage pieces and also taken the first steps into owning my own business which I hope to build while at university.


EVENTS OFFICER: Olivia Fletcher ( 3rd year Fashion Design and Marketing 

I’m Olivia, a third year Fashion Design and Marketing student. My favourite parts of fashion are illustration, concept research and styling. As the Events Officer for the Northumbria Fashion Society, I am in charge of setting up events for the group, including socials, charity fundraisers, days out, talks and discussion meetings. You can come to me if you have ideas for future events, to give feedback on our past events and enquires about joining the events team.


SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER: Emma Kirk ( 2nd year Fashion Design 

I’m Emma Kirk, a 2nd year Fashion student and I run all the society’s social media accounts so email or message me with any questions, concerns or anything you think we should be posting about, we’re always open to new ideas.


Purchasing a membership 


To enjoy everything NFS does please purchase a membership 


Standard - For Northumbria University students only.

Associate - Is open to Northumbria Alumni, Students' Union and University Staff, students in other further education institutions and lifetime members of NSU. Associate members are not able to me committee members. 

Only those who have paid the membership fee are classed as members of the society.




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