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About Us

"All of Time and Space. Everything that ever happened or ever will.... Where do you want to start?"

Doctor Who is the longest running Sci-Fi TV show ever, and we believe that this should be celebrated. So, if you're a casual fan who fades in and out depending on who is playing the Doctor, or you're a hardcore fan with all of the episodes on DVD, everyone is welcome to come on in, have a jelly baby and help us make this year Fantastic! 

This society is for people to enjoy Doctor Who and want to have a good time with others who enjoy the show too. The society has events every week which will usually consist of watching episodes picked by you, our members. Also on the agenda are Doctor Who themed games and quizzes. Feel free to join and come along, make new friends and enjoy a bit of Doctor Who.  

Committee members

Chris Irving (President)

Maegan Waters (Secretary) 

Andrew Nelmes (Treasurer) 

We meet every Wednesday from 3 till 5 room NBD116 (Northumberland building). If there are any issues with timings please email Chris at with a date and time that would be better and we will try and accommodate for the majority. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more details.

Facebook: Northumbria's Doctor Who Society 

Twitter: @DoctorWhoNSU