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About Us

We are your chance to express your views in a constructive form and practice debating technique. Whether novice or an experienced debater we are here to help you learn and develop your skills.
In a world where hate and anger are seemingly fundamental to good argument, we provide you with an alternative! Every week, a carefully prepared motion is hammered away at thoroughly, and there's always a winner; no compromises.
Afterwards we’re all out to the pub for the Quiz and drinks; no ill-feelings either.
So in order to satisfy that hunger for closure while meeting new friends: why not contend, dispute and… DEBATE your friends with the Debating Society!

You might even get to compete Nationally!

Every Tuesday, 6pm-8pm, Room CCE1-003, Northumbria Business and Law School.

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Northumbria Debating Society 


Membership runs from 1st August to 31st July each year.