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  • Disability, Diversity and Equality Associate Membership£1.00
  • Disability, Diversity and Equality Standard Membership£1.00

About Us

Welcome all!

Here within the 'Disability, Diversity and Equality Society (DDESoc)', we aim to create a warm and welcoming environment for abled-bodied and disabled students alike - everyone is welcome! 

What's planned for this year?

Well, we've been extremely busy trying to jam pack this year with incredible activites and opportunities for our lovely members. Here's what the expect from us:

  • Talks from /organisations within the disability community!
  • Promotion and raised awareness of Disability, Diversity and Equality!
  • Fundraisers for our 'Charities of the Month'!
  • Awesome collaborations with other fantastic societies!
  • Socials (a mixture of alcohol and alcohol free) to give our lovely members a great time and a safe and friendly environment in which to engage with the local areas and meet like-minded people such as yourselves!
  • The chance to voice your opinions about places you've visited as part of our 'Disability Friendly Review'!

This society is completely run by students who have various disabilities so be rest assured that we will support and guide you to the best of our ability!


  • President - Joanne Molloy Graham
  • Treasurer - Sophie Jennison
  • Secretary - Leah Smith
  • Design and Promotional Materials Organiser - Chloe Downes