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About Us

Welcome to Northumbria’s computer and video gaming society!

If you love playing video games, whether you play casually, competitively, on-and-off or devoted to the many-hour-long XP grinds, then Northumbria’s video game society is the place to be! The aim of this society is to unite people of this university who love video games as much as we do to meet and share their interests with others. The meetings are held from 3pm until 7pm in Reds every Monday and Thursday.

For more casual play sessions, we have lots of consoles set up in the area, such as Xbox Ones, PS4s, Wii Us, and even the more retro consoles, which are free for anybody to come over and use. We have a wide variety of games, such as fighting games, shooting games, racing games, rhythm games such as guitar hero, and co-operative run and gun games. Feel free to come up and play whatever you want with whoever you want! We just ask you to not hog any of the consoles and to be mindful of any others who may want to play on them.

As for the more competitive side, we hold  tournaments bi-weekly on Thursdays, which consist of a similar variety of fighting games, such as Tekken, shooter games, such as Halo, and racing games, such as Mario Kart. There are prizes for those who land in the top 3 players/teams.

The meetings are console-based, but this year, we are aiming to bring PC gaming into our society. For the first time, our society has committee members dedicated to the PC gaming side of things, and they host a discord, have regular game nights, and are looking to form teams to compete with other players, such as those from Newcastle University. The games on the PC front largely consist of League of Legends, Dota, Rainbow 6 Siege, and any fun little indie game that catches our eye at the time!

We also allow people to drink at our meetings, but it is asked that you keep the drinks away from the machines and to drink in moderation. If you want to drink after the meetings, some of us go down to Habita downstairs, and on Mondays there is a pub quiz to take part in!

Becoming a member of CVGS will also grant you access to some discounts at various places in Newcastle, so sign up to possibly save some money in the long run, as well as entering events and competitions!

Our Commitee: