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About Us


The criminology and sociology Society (CrimSoc for short) aims to create a support network for criminology, sociology and any other soial sciences students at Northumbria university

We offer a supportive network for students both academically and externally. Not only this but we'll be running multiple socials throughout the year to give new students and taste of what its like to be living in Newcastle as well as get the returning students out the house doing something other than coursework!

In additon to this aim to have at least three guest speakers during 2018/19, consisting of influential figures in the criminological and sociological world. We want students to be given more information about roles they can do whilst at university which will help them to access the careers they want, once they leave.

Hope to see you at our socials and about campus throughout the year!!

CrimSoc committee

2018/19 Committee
President: Paddy Keetley
Treasurer: Chloe Ziliukas
Secretary: Sophie Jennison
Social Secretary: Craig Lines

PS. You can contact any of us at the following emails with a ny questions and queries :):