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About Us

After a brief period of hiatus the Northumbria University Conservative society is back!


Our aim is to be a home for all conservative students at Northumbria.

We will be a forum of discussion and understanding in areas of politics, current affairs, philosophy and many more themes.


It is our intention to hold regular fortnightly meetings where members can get to know each other over a few alcoholic refreshments or just a standard English brew.


Alongside this we will carry on the society’s past successes of inviting guest speakers to bring forward a wealth of experience and perspective to students. Combined with other exciting events and opportunities.


So whether you are a keen politics student who fills their day with reading The Mallard and sipping coffee over the Sunday Times or you are just getting into politics but know there is a home you love and wish to preserve we look forward to meeting you!

Kind regards

The team.


Mr Joshua Thomas Clark 

Vice President

Mr Domas Brazas


Mr Aaron Whelan-Harvey