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About Us


Why should you sign up?

ChemSoc's priority is to make your university experience the best it possibly can be, especially given the events of the last two years, and to create enthusiasm and further involvement in the scientific community.


It is to bring people together from any background through a common interest; chemistry!


 ChemSoc is open to all students (past & present) and staff

We want it to be collaborative

We want to give support and advice

Lastly, we want to have fun outside of labs!


Once you sign up we will add you to our facebook group: Northumbria University Chemistry Society 20/21


If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our social media pages or the secretary's email: 

Insta: nuchemsoc

Facebook Group: Northumbria University Chemistry Society- 2020/21

Secretary's email:











ChemSoc Foundation Year Talk
CCE 3, in the City Campus East 1 building.
A presentation and Q&A for Health & Life Sciences' Foundation Year students to find out why chemistry is THE subject for them to study! Tea & coffee will be available, with a 5:30pm start, in room CCE3 in the City Campus East 1 building.
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