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About Us

Founded by Architecture students at Northumbria University in 2007, Northumbria Architecture Society (NAS) is an award-winning society, being selected as “Best Academic Society of Northumbria University” for academic years of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. This year NAS celebrates 12 years of success, the society committee has organized a guest lecture series, workshops series, educational trips, competitions, exhibitions and our annual social events. NAS has also aided in creating the ‘NAS Networking Group’ for all enthusiastic Architecture and Interior Architecture Students and Alumni, creating a great space to share interests, connect, and open discussions.


One of our main aims is to enhance the student experience around all Architecture and the Built Environment courses with the help of our Students Union and The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This academic year of 2019/20 Northumbria Architecture Society, known as NAS, has an array of activities planned for every member which includes our famously known PPE Bar Crawl, Christmas Ball, Trips, Newcastle based Design and Model Competition, and our award-winning academic orientated workshops and guest lecture series. For any queries or interests, then please contact us at




NAS Committee of 2021/22:

Tom Durham – President

Catlin Hawkins – Secretary

Harry Cope – Treasurer

Evelina Somoglou – Events Coordinator

George Mytilinaios – Events Coordinator

Tim Caswell – Marketing and Social Media Executive

Marika Marciniak – Lecture Organiser

Eleanor Sparkes– Lecture Organiser



Email: su.architecture.society

Facebook: Northumbria Architecture Society

Twitter: @ArchSocNU

Instagram: @northumbriaarchsoc