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About Us

Welcome to the Northumbria Real Ale & Cider Society. 

This is the place for us all to come together and appreciate all that the world of ale and cider has to offer. The tastes, aromas, the colours, the joys of brewing, the branding, everything in fact to do with them. 

We will be having regular taster meets, where we will visit various ale pubs in and around the Newcastle area, taking in the atmosphere that you only seem to get in such pubs, writing tasting notes, comparing beers, making what will essentially be an "Ale and Cider" guide to Newcastle's Ale houses. All these notes and pictures will be kept on our Facebook page for members to access and share. We will also be having trips away to places such as breweries, festivals. CAMRA events, exhibitions etc. These will be subsidised for members, meaning you will only pay a nominal amount towards the event.

Before ALL events we will be stressing the importance of responsible drinking; As a society we have a responsibility for our members, and we are a society for the APPRECIATION of ale and cider, we are NOT all about going out and getting smashed!! Any member who does get drunk and causes a scene or misbehaves will be given a warning, if it happens a second time they will immediately be removed from the society. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 

Back to the fun though, we will also be encouraging members to have a go at home brewing, and will be more than happy to help in any way we can, this can all help the social side of the group, as we can have tasting sessions of each others brews and of course it makes for cheap nights ;-)