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About Us

Midwifery Society 2019-2020 - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!

Our AIM is to meet all midwifery students, listen to them and improve their time on the course for everyone, whether that is team building or meeting up for a social. 

We all share a mutual passion for midwifery and we can provide study days for EVERYTHING not covered in the midwifery curriculum..

We are a supportive group of midwifery students ourselves, ranging across all years, and are really approachable, please give us an email or message via social media and we can chat through anything you wish, we have all struggled through this course at one point or another, dealt with personal issues, resubmissions, sickness, bullying, anxiety, nervousness, forgetfullness, lows and eventually we all bounced back, so nothign is too small, let us know what you wnat and get involved!!!!

Lots of love Midwifery Society Team 2019-2020