• Student Staff Society Standard Membership£4.00
  • Student Staff Society Associate Membership£4.00

About Us

Right guys the SU Student Staff Society is now up and running for the 2020/21 year! 

Memberships are £4 for the year and there are two options to choose from. The ‘Standard’ membership is for students and the ‘Associate’ is for non-students.

That £4 books your place on all of the different socials and staff events we’ll be putting on this year, including the Comedy Club, Newcastle Races, god knows how many staff nights out and of course the infamous Fridge-to-Fridge. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and to get to know everyone you’ll be working with over the next year. If you have any ideas for anything you would want us to do across the year, please just let us know. 

Information on the all the society events will be posted to the Society Facebook page, which will be linked below. Once your membership is paid you will be added to the group. We will be doing voting polls on event dates, type of events etc. as we want to involve all our members as much as we can to make sure you all have an absolute bangin’ year.

If anyone has any questions just message either myself, Elise Richmond or Clare Cameron or post on the society facebook page. Make sure to sign up ASAP so we can get the first staff social planned and start the year as we mean to go on.

Much love

Niamh x