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About Us


Northumbria's very own society supporting those on death row with the intention of developing a relationship with Amicus and like-minded charities.

Amicus is a small legal charity providing representation for those facing the death penalty in the United States. It was founded in 1992, in memory of Andrew Lee Jones, the lifelines penpal of Jane Officer. Andrew was charged with murder and due to a lack of good legal representation, he was executed in Louisianna in 1991.

Our Aims: 

  1. Grow the community: both within the university and out - encouraging students to become amicus members and partake in voluntary work.
  2. Promote awareness and understanding of the death penalty in the United States - historical and legal knowledge
  3. Fundraise and organise events to fund the fight for those on death row


PRESIDENT: Luke Stubbs (

"During Lockdown in March 2021, the three of us took part in their spring training over 2 weeks. After the first week of training, I was inspired to set up this brand new society with the hope of working with the charity and increasing awareness of the issues with the Death Penalty in the United States. It is my hope that over the next few years we can work with Amicus and spread this awareness among those who may be interested. As the first of its kind, we think it will be a challenge but we know there are many who are willing to support the start of this brand new society. We welcome suggestions and support so please do not hesitate to contact me by email."

SECRETARY: Stephanie Stephenson 


TREASURER: Georgia Keeton-Williams