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About Us

Welcome to the House of Art!


In this house we celebrate your passion for film. We are a group of shameless cinephiles who want to share the powerful magic of cinema with you. The House of Art is an opportunity for you to see all kinds of films, from the cult curiosities to the indie champions, films that break boundries and prevoke, films that just never got the audience they deserved and although we aren't adverse to a commercial film every once in a while we hope our range of art-house and indie films will have you searching for the collections and filmographies of the brave and bold filmmakers that light up our screens. We plan on screening films from all over the world to give you a taste of the international connectivity we have through cinema from England to New Zealand and Almodovar to Von Trier this is the place to see the artistic masters of the world at work. We hope sincerly that you will join us on our exploration of truely fantastic cinema and that we can share it all together. Go ahead and sign up now and be prepared for the wonders that await you.

We are back and ready to screen some films, so any questions about this you can email us through our website or send us a message through our Twitter or Instagram accounts.