Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

About Us

NSU have teamed up with BorrowMyDogg to bring you discounted Premium Memberships!





We are sure you’re aware of the new lockdown restrictions that are due to start in England on Thursday 5th November.
Scotland has also moved to a five tier system of restrictions, and Wales, along with Northern Ireland, are in the midst of temporary lockdowns.

We wanted to reassure our community that BorrowMyDoggy is still open and dog sharing can continue. But we’d like to remind you to keep good hygiene before and after meeting a member.

During this unpredictable year, we have been ast-hound-ed by the kindness our community has shown each other - from temporarily rehoming dogs to fetching medicines and groceries. We hope our lovely community continues to support one another.

How can I dog share safely?


For more information on using BorrowMyDoggy safely during this pandemic please read our FAQs, which we always keep up to date.

Thank you for your continued support, we’re always here and happy to help if you need us. Stay safe and continue to be kind to each other.

Best woofs,
The BorrowMyDoggy Team




How does it work?

1. Purchase your NSUI membership via clicking the 'add to basket' button, there are two membership types 1) standard - this is for current Northumbria students and 2) associate - this is for alumni of Northumbria or those at different Universites

2. Email your proof of purchase to, you then will be emailed a unique one time use code

3. Go to BorrowMyDoggy and click 'get started as a borrower', create your premium account and enter the unique code once promoted

4. Now you can personalise your account and start to match with owners in your area and find the perfect match for you!

Please Note: Once you have been given your unique code from NSU it is your responsibility to create your account and find matches suitable for you! NSU are providing students with the chance to purchase a discounted membership only and are encouraging students to get involved. NSU only have a limited number of memberships to BorrowMyDoggy and are expecting demand for these memberships to exceed the amount available. There is an option to purchase more memberships as the service develops


Best woofs xx