• Asian Cultural Appreciation’ Associate Membership£3.00
  • Asian Cultural Appreciation’ Standard Membership£3.00

About Us

Welcome to Northumbria’s Asian Cultural Appreciation society!

If you want to learn more about Asian culture or Asia in general then we are the society for you! The aim of this society is to teach members about the different aspects of Asia including but not limited to languages, religions, countries and so much more!

For people wanting to learn a new language we will have tutors teaching Japanese, Korean and Chinese and we will also have themed meetings where we can do things including watching films in a chosen language, talking to each other in a language and other language-based events.

For our food lovers we will have meetings around different Asian restaurants where we can sample ethnic dishes and cuisines from different parts of Asia including Chinese noodles, Japanese sushi, Korean BBQ and so much more!

We won’t just be all about languages and food though we will also have some site seeing activities including but not limited to going to and around Newcastle china town, different cities china towns (London, Birmingham and other Chinatowns), different religious sites, museums and so much more!

If you are interested in different alcoholic beverages we will also do sampling of the many different types of alcohol from Asia including but not limited to Saka, Arak, Soju, some cocktails and so much more! (Please note we do not require members to drink at meetings and if a member is seen to be too drunk we will ask them to leave!)

Becoming a member of ACAS will also grant you access to some discounts at various places in Newcastle, so sign up to possibly save some money in the long run!

We hope to see you at meetings soon and will enjoy your time with us – The ACAS Committee