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About Us

The Self Care Society is a small group of students dedicated to encouraging and practicing self care mechanisms which can be used to help make university a more enjoyable experience. Even though there is a common misconception that self care is only for women, our society is inclusive of everybody!!!

What is self care? Self care is the practise of looking after ones self both emotionally and physically. It is important to practice self care as it can encourage a healthy relationship between the mind and body. Taking the time to care for yourself has shown to enhance productivity in studying and to help you work smart, not hard. 

Everyone’s self care is different and unique, but some examples may include exercise, taking a break from work and/or studying, cooking/baking, painting, taking a bubble bath and sooo much more! 

As a society, we will organise regular self care events. The type of events we like to plan range from yoga, mini golf, quizzes and so much more! We're open to any suggestions as we understand that self care is unique to everyone, so please feel free to get in touch with us.

Most importantly- remember to make yourself a priority.

Best Wishes, 
The Self Care Team x