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About Us

What is self care? Self care is restorative and mindful activities that we deliberately act upon to maintain our mental health and wellbeing.

These activities can be really simple such as taking a walk and turning your phone off for a day or they can be tailored to you such as pampering or cooking. Anything which helps you to feel good and at ease is what we call self care.

It is so important to take care of yourself during these busy years as we embark on many new responsibilities to our personal and academic life. Taking the time to care for yourself has shown to enhance productivity in studying and to help you work smart, not hard! 

As a society, we will organise self care events and give monthly motivational quotes to get you through university. The type of events we like to plan range from pampering, yoga, mini golf, the zoo and so much more! We're open to any suggestions as we understand that self care is unique to everyone, so please feel free to get in touch with us.

Most importantly- remember to make yourself a priority.

Best Wishes, 
The Self Care Team x

Comfort Box Start Packs FREE!- A comfort box is essentially your very own emotional first aid kit when you're feeling down, stressed, homesick or just need a 'pick me up.' We have created lots of comfort box starter packs, which any student can collect from the Student Union. Included in these packs are things like stickers to decorate your box, a lip balm, candle, quotes, chocolate and a few more bits and pieces! However, these are just the basics, so we encourage you to personalise your box to make it special to you. Here is a video of how the committee has made their own box unique to them!